I am a student at Montana State University in Bozeman looking to make extra money while I am in school. I have always enjoying doing crafts like painting, scrap booking, etc. I decided to make this store because crafting is something I enjoy doing and something I could do for others enjoyment.

During the summer, my hours are very flexible. Most weekdays I am available to fulfill orders. During the school year, my hours may be cut back depending on my course load. Inquiries for custom orders and pre-made ears can be made through the contact tab. I will respond as soon as possible via email unless specified otherwise. I ask that you provide me with a picture or description during our correspondence so that I may best capture your image. I would love to tackle any idea you have. I have recreated many Pinterest ideas before and find it is a good place to get ideas. If you want to buy a per-made set of ears, they are listed in my Facebook store. I will be adding pre-made ears often. Search on Facebook @RoseCustomsStore

The ears I make come in two options: hat or headband. Headbands are completely covered in a soft fabric. Headbands are always black, but can be painted or wrapped in different colored fabric or ribbon. Hats are a standard snap back with felt ears I attach. Many colors are possible, but availability may vary. To learn more about color options visit this link.


Prices reflect the cost of ears, labor, and materials. At the moment, I order ears and hats in bulk and then design them based on the customers wishes. Headbands are typically cheaper than baseball caps because they cost less for me to purchase. Pricing also varies on complexity. For example, hand painted ears cost less for materials, but take much longer to create. Ears created with materials like felt are easier to make, but have materials that cost more. On average, ears cost about $30.00. Pre-made ears will be priced accordingly. Everyone’s custom creation will cost differently and  I will provide all customers with a quote for the project before you decide to buy. ALL PAYMENTS MADE TO MY PAYPAL.

Shipping cost will be added in addition to the ears. I always use UPS ground unless specified otherwise. Depending on where the ears are being shipped to, on average, UPS ground will run around $7.00. Once I obtain your location I will factor shipping into the price before payment.

I understand you will want your creation as soon as possible. I work on projects in order of when I receive them. If you have a specific date you need your creation by, please let me know. If I have many projects to complete and you need your creation ASAP I will charge an extra $3.00 to expedite your project.

Thank you for your business and don’t forget to spread the word!