Tiffany Ears


These ears are inspired by a Tiffany ring. The ribbon is Tiffany blue and the ears are covered in rhinestones.


Woody Ears

These are an older pair of ears not utilizing my perfected method, so they are not exactly like my newer ears. The purpose of this post is just to show an idea of something I can create. They aren’t in great condition because they are well over a year old and I beat them up quite a bit.

The cow print ears are felt. I wrapped the headband in a red ribbon with white stitching. The bow is layered with denim, yellow, and checkered ribbon. The center accent is twine and a sheriff pin. I loved these ears when I wore them on my last trip!



Han and Leia Ears

These ears incorporated many elements. The words on the back of the ears are using silver glitter glue. The blue and white “clothing” on the front are felt. I also used ribbon and studs for the belts. Then finally I used a sheer sparkly ribbon in the middle. These will be my ears for my upcoming trip! I love them!

***UPDATE*** These ears will be for sale as of 5/25/17 for $26.00 plus shipping!